Sunday, October 31, 2010

oXygen™ at Philippine Fashion Week

Sunday, October 31, 2010
This year, Oxygen masters minimalism by introducing sophisticated, minimalist designs at Philippine Fashion Week.

This season's collection is all about layers and never before seen structure in Philippine retail.

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

When the word ‘minimalist’ comes to mind, 'plain' usually comes after. But oXygen™ is the anti-thesis to these conceptions. "The challenge for us when we decided to adapt a sophisticated clean look this season was the fact that we had to create stylish and fashion-forward looks while using a limited variety of materials and accessories",  says Jeffrey Bascon, Brand Director. "We want our outfits to make a design statement and reflect the oXygen™ character.”

oXygen™ As High Street Fashion

Despite oXygen™’s decision to go for the minimalist look, its philosophy remains the same: to create head-turning and trendsetting fashion for men and women. “If you have a strong sense of style, you wear oXygen™,” Jeff explains. "We pride ourselves in being a fashion-forward brand. Global trends come first with us.”

For Holiday 2010, the oXygen™ statement is monochromatic layers: must-have jackets for both men and women, with strong silhouettes that combine edge and easy and result in eye-catching style.

For women, oversized jackets, drop-crotch pants in relaxed cuts and dresses that reveal just enough make the collection. For men, zipper vests, drop-crotch bottoms and uniquely-structured jackets push the male fashionistas out of their comfort zone.

The result? Polished and sophisticated streetwear.

Spring/Summer 2011
Cropped,  Sheer and Althered

oXygen™’s cropped designs are about layering key pieces that focus on the right body parts, from shoulder to mid-section.

The altered designs are about deconstruction, for those who find symmetry boring and predictable.

 The sheer designs are for those who want to layer while staying cool and minimal.

All of these designs are guaranteed attention-grabbers, not because they are loud, but because they are tasteful and stylish.

In the midst of a season of loud colors and bold patterns, oXygen™ proves that, time and again, less is still more and fashionably best.

With their collections of minimalistic and sophisticated designs, we can only expect more fashion-forward collections from oXygen™ in the seasons to come.


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